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12 San Francisco Hotel Bars That Make an Amazing Cocktail

08-23-2016 |

San Francisco is full of places to find a great cocktail — after all, this is the city where the martini was invented. But did you know you might not have to stray far from your hotel room to enjoy great cocktails? It’s true.

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15 Remarkable U.S. Hotel Bars and Restaurants

08-23-2016 |

When you picture hotel dining, if you imagine continental breakfasts in the lobby and minibars in your guest room, you haven’t seen nothing yet.

Hotels are on a whole new track, whipping out decadent restaurants and trendy lounges—the kinds that make you think, “Man, I can’t believe this is a hotel!” Even locals flock to these hotel hangouts to dabble in some of the coolest vibes in town.

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My Own Dirty Habit

08-03-2016 | Sherry.Wine

Let’s be brutally honest: Sherry is much more talked about than consumed. To fix that would be frustratingly simple: no one buys a bottle of Sherry in a restaurant nor should they be expected to do so. Sherry is the sort of wine that needs to be served by the glass.

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Punniest Cocktail Names

06-15-2015 |

Cinnamon Toast Punch

What’s In It? This punch sounds almost as good as the cereal that inspired it. Made with Avuá Amburana cachaça, whole milk, Lustau Amontillado sherry, Meletti Amaro and banana puree, the ingredients are stirred up and poured into a punch bowl and served with shaved cinnamon.

Where to Find It: Dirty Habit in San Francisco, California

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Punniest Cocktail Names

06-15-2015 | Food & Wine's FWx

Most everyone loves a good pun, and bartenders and restaurant workers have become famous for naming their libations in a cheeky fashion. Sometimes only the most discerning imbiber will appreciate a particularly clever turn of phrase. But it can be a hoot catching a reference with a sip and a “aha!”

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8 Hot Outdoor Patios in San Francisco

05-13-2015 |

San Francisco's sweeping Bay views and dramatic inclines make for some spectacular alfresco dining scenarios. Here are eight spots — with drop-dead gorgeous views, great food and awesome drinks — that are worth hitting up before the fog rolls in.

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Mastering the Margarita

05-04-2015 | Wall Street Journal

It's time to pour the mix down the drain and discover the party cocktail's deeper side.

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The Past, Present, and Future of Blue Cocktails

04-16-2015 | Eater

Blue is the new black. Just ask any bartender and they’ll give you an earful about blue drinks, from the Aviation and the Blue Hawaiiamong the earliest blue-hued cocktailsto New York newbie Porchlight's Gun Metal Blue, the most-Instagrammed colored cocktail of the moment.

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Blue Cocktails Are Coming Back, and They Are Delicious

04-13-2015 |

Here are four recipes for blue curaçao cocktails that will change your mind about the oft-derided tropical liqueur.

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The Best Date Spot Near Every San Francisco Muni Metro Stop

04-09-2015 |

There's nothing worse than trying to come up with a date spot. Does your date want to go somewhere romantic? Are they expecting there to be food involved???

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The best bars and restaurants for a breakup

02-27-2015 | Tasting Table

So, it's February. And we all know what that means: lots of talk of Valentine's Day, love, romance, blah, blah, blah. But maybe you're not really feeling the love this year. In fact, maybe you're feeling so out of love that you're trying to work up the nerve to break up with your significant other.

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6 Umami-Packed Cocktails

02-27-2015 | Food & Wine Magazine

You probably already know about umami, which can essentially be defined as yumminess. You'll experience this somewhat mysterious taste in extremely delicious foods such as mushrooms, cured meats and oysters, but...

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Drink Here Now: Foie Gras Wine Pairing and a Drink & Draw Party

01-15-2015 | 7x7

Brunch without booze is just a sad, late breakfast. 

Foie Gras & Wine Pairing at Dirty Habit

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Hipster Bar-Hopping: America's Newest Craft Cocktail Trends

01-15-2015 | Yahoo!

Local ingredients and small-batch liquors are the new buzzwords among the sophisticated bar crowd in 2015. The best bartenders respect traditional recipes while still figuring out how to cater to their customers and show personal flair.

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Foie Gras Producers, Restaurants Defeat California Ban

01-07-2015 | Bloomberg

A California ban on foie gras can’t be enforced because it violates U.S. poultry regulations, a federal judge said in a victory for producers of the delicacy made from fattened duck and goose livers.

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Breaking: Foie Gras Is Legal in California Right Now; Anti-Foie Ban Invalidated

01-07-2015 | Eater SF

A judge has struck down the ban on restaurants importing and serving foie in CA.

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San Francisco chefs cheer apparent return of foie gras

01-07-2015 | SF Business Times

Twitter is exploding after reports that foie gras, the delicacy made of fatty duck liver that was banned in California in 2012, is now allowed back on Golden State menus.

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California foie gras ban struck down by judge, delighting chefs

01-07-2015 | SF Chronicle

Menus across the Bay Area were being hastily rewritten Wednesday after a federal judge struck down California’s ban on foie gras, allowing restaurants to serve up the delicacy for the first time in two years.

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Dirty Habit restaurant celebrates foie gras ban lift

01-07-2015 | ABC/KGO News

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Chefs Celebrate the Glorious Return of Foie Gras

01-07-2015 | Eater National

José Andrés promises free foie cotton candy; foie gras tasting menus are on-tap for tonight. This afternoon, the U.S. District Court for California's Central District invalidated California's ban on foie gras, which had been in effect since July 2012.

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Bay Area Michelin-Starred Restaurants Eager To Serve Foie Gras With Ban Overturned

01-07-2015 | KPIX/CBS News

Now that foie gras is back on the menu, top Bay Area restaurants are scrambling to provide diners with the delicatessen.

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There's No Smoke

01-01-2015 | Hemispheres Magazine

Tobacco makes a benign return to the bar: If you’ve ever come home from a bar with clothes reeking and eyes burning from secondhand smoke, you’re probably among the many who have welcomed public smoking bans. But don’t let that aversion carry over to the latest mixology trend: bartenders using tobacco as a flavor source.

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Make a Mushroom Cocktail

01-01-2015 | Saveur

Recently some unexpected vegetables - ramps, butternut squash and beets - have started showing up in creative cocktails.

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The 14 Hottest New SF Cocktail Bars of 2014

12-29-2014 |

San Francisco is one of the pioneering bar towns in the country, not only in the cocktail renaissance of the last 15-20 years, but even going back to the 1800s when groundbreaking bartenders like Jerry Thomas were shaking up fizzes and the Barbary Coast was rocking with an endless array of watering holes.

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The Top 10 restaurants of the year reveal trends to watch

12-29-2014 | SF Gate

Each year it gets harder to come up with the Top 10 new restaurants of the year.  There’s always half again as many that could easily be included.  It calls for some hard choices — and also a little cheating.

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S.F.’s trendsetting chefs hone their focus for unique dishes

12-27-2014 | SF Gate

When chefs from other parts of the country want to know about dining trends, they head to San Francisco. The city has been on the culinary cutting edge since 1849, when three Croatian immigrants set up a tent on the wharf to serve fresh fish grilled over charcoal.

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Top Marks: The best restaurant openings of 2014 and more

12-23-2014 |

Okay, let's talk about what a serious year 2014 was for eating in San Francisco. We saw an insane number of openings, ranging from the highest of high end to serious street food; we saw the rise of nascent new dining neighborhoods. Overeating was inevitable.

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The biggest San Francisco Bay Area restaurant and bar openings of 2014

12-23-2014 | San Francisco Chronicle

Boy, it sure was another busy year. Restaurants and bars keep opening in the Bay Area, and 2014 was another year full of newcomers.

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Best Al Fresco Heated Patios

12-15-2014 | Thrillist SF

This Union Square bar is everything a patio should be: protected from the wind, full of heat lamps, boasting a fire pit, and armed with hot toddys that are delivered in a lunch box

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A Very Good Year - 10 New Year's Eve dinners to book right now

12-12-2014 | Tasting Table

2014 has been a year filled with good eating—a whole lot of it, in fact. So this New Year's Eve, it just makes sense to feast your way into the upcoming year.

Instead of going the boozy bar route, ring in 2015 at some of our favorite restaurants in town. Check out our 10 picks for a very delicious New Year's Eve.

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The Best Private Dining Rooms In San Francisco

12-08-2014 | 7x7

Want something a bit more special this holiday season for you and your friends? Nab a reservation at one of these choice private dining rooms in San Francisco. Clink, clink.


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10 Winter Cocktails to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

12-05-2014 | Eater SF

Dirty Habit has no problem taking their high-end cocktails down a peg with the "Get Me a Juice Box!" cocktail for two ($20). Hot buttered rum in a Thermos, housemade bar nuts and two Miller pony bottles arrive in a lunch box.

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Best New San Francisco Bars, 2014

12-03-2014 | Thrillist

Dirty Habit

Union Square
Super-tasty bar bites; an adult lunch box that carries two beers, a thermos of hot buttered rum, and house-made bar nuts; a seasonal cocktail menu (plus, all of the classics, of course); and a back patio that has tons of seating, a fountain, AND a fire pit. Basically: Dirty Habit is what we hope heaven is like. Or, more likely for us: hell. Whatever. Point being: we love this place.

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12 Thanksgiving Shots from Star Bartenders

11-26-2014 | Food & Wine Magazine's FWx

Give 'em the Bird by Brian Means of Dirty Habit, San Francisco

Inspired by my aunt's fantastic sweet potato pie.

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Drink Here Now: Dirty Friday

11-26-2014 | 7x7

Dirty Habit Opens Early on Black Friday

There's no way we could possibly survive a Black Friday shopping trip without a drink or three. Lucky for us, Dirty Habit will be opening at noon this Friday for "Dirty Friday." You'll find us at the bar, soothing our frazzled nerves with $2 cups of Cinnamon Toast Punch, made with cachaca, amaro, milk and cinnamon. We might even nosh on a few of the $3 treats, including lamb belly with black vinegar and peanuts, Mt. Lassen trout with lavash and crème fraiche, macarons with lemon verbena ice cream, and yuzu popsicles with coffee and caramel. Dirty Friday will also feature a wide range of beers ranging from $2 to $10, and a full menu of cocktails starting at $10. Dirty Habit's regular menu will take over again at 5pm, so plan your shopping safety break accordingly. 12 Fourth Street

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Union Square Holiday Shopping Survival Guide

11-26-2014 | 7x7

Dirty Habit
Just in case you're joining the Black Friday fray on Friday, November 28, you should know Dirty Habit is opening at noon for Dirty Friday. They'll be featuring a special food and cocktail menu from 12–5pm, with $3 items like lamb belly, Mt. Lassen trout and lavash, and gougères with Humboldt Fog cream. 12 4th St. at Market, 415-348-1555

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What America's Top Chefs Cook for Thanksgiving

11-25-2014 |

David Bazirgan or 'Baz' is the chef at San Francisco's Dirty Habit restaurant. While he says he looks forward to his mom's walnut Jello mold and his aunt's bubble bread every year, it's Baz's Armenian roots that lend his Thanksgiving meals an international vibe. "Appetizers include boereg, as well as string cheese and basturma," he says. "We'd eat all of that and then move on to the traditional Thanksgiving feast."

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The best French fries in the Bay Area

11-18-2014 | SF Gate

Dirty Habit makes the cut in Michael Bauer's Inside Scoop SF coverage on the best French fries in the Bay Area!

Dirty Habit: Thick-cut fries are wonderfully mealy but the ends are so crisp they are almost like ciccharones.They are served with harissa aioli.

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Recipe: Francis Ang’s Pork Sisig Stuffing

11-14-2014 | SF Chronicle

Francis Ang, pastry chef at Dirty Habit, usually helps cook Thanksgiving dinner for his parents, three aunts, their families, his uncle, his grandma and, once in a while, a friend.

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What I'm Eating: Francis Ang of Dirty Habit

11-14-2014 | SF Chronicle

Francis Ang is the sous chef at the San Francisco restaurant Dirty Habit, as well as its unofficial pastry chef. He first created the restaurant’s sisig fried rice for a fundraising event benefiting those affected by last year’s devastating Typhoon Yolanda in his native Philippines. It’s a close cousin to his Pork Sisig Stuffing (see recipe).

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The Most Underrated Chefs in San Francisco

11-12-2014 | First We Feast

Fifth Floor never earned a Michelin star for its Mediterranean-tinged modern American cooking. But with David Bazirgan, Barbara Lynch’s one-time chef de cuisine at No. 9 Park in Boston, at the helm, it certainly should have. Now that the space, atop the Hotel Zelos, has transformed into the less fussy, bar-like Dirty Habit, Bazirgan’s technique remains just as formidable. Dishes such as halibut tiradito with passion fruit, ginger, and plantain, as well as sisig fried rice with pork belly, calamansi, and soy, reflect his unwavering penchant for bold flavors.

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Industry Insiders Toast to 7x7's Fall Nightlife Guide

11-11-2014 | 7x7

Last Tuesday, guests flocked to Dirty Habit, one of San Francisco's newest and most coveted happy hour locales, for an evening in honor of 7x7's latest edition of the Nightlife Guide. The pocket-sized guide is a must-have for any Bay Area resident or visitor seeking a curated list of the best in dining, drinking, and entertainment in SF.

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The Best Hotels in San Francisco

11-06-2014 |

...In Tie One On & Throw One Back, shopping-phobic gentlemen get a private appointment and discount at the Union Square Bonobos Guide Shop, plus two PBRs and a toddy-filled thermos at the hotel’s bar and restaurant, Dirty Habit, to take the edge off.

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Trick or Treat? The Hautest Halloween Desserts

10-30-2014 | Haute Living

Best San Francisco Bars in Diffords Guide

10-29-2014 | Diffords Guide

DIY Halloween candy evokes Almond Joy and Candy Corn

10-23-2014 | Inside BayArea

In San Francisco, Hotel Bars Have Finally Gone Hip

10-22-2014 | Haute Living

IT’S NOT QUITE A CANDY BAG, IT’S... The Candy Plate at Dirty Habit

10-22-2014 | Urban Daddy

Buying a pumpkin to carve? Easy tips for cooking and serving the insides too

10-16-2014 | Today Show Blog


10-09-2014 | CULINTRO

Trend Alert: It’s Pumpkin Season

10-08-2014 |

Executive Chef David Bazirgan, at Dirty Habit in San Francisco, devised a Sichuan Crusted Pumpkin, with a layer of finely ground Sichuan peppercorns, cooked in a cast-iron pan, served with mustard greens and kabayaki glaze.

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Eat at the Bar | San Francisco Dining

09-30-2014 | Tasting Table

September's Most Popular Recipes

09-30-2014 | Saveur

The People's Best New Bars: West/Southwest Contenders

09-17-2014 | Food & Wine

Eat This: Dirty Habit's Fried Lamb Belly Bao

09-18-2014 | SF Weekly

Five Bay Area bars among nominees for Food & Wine’s Best New Bars

09-17-2014 | Inside Scoop SF

The Most Laid-Back Spots For Outdoor Drinking in San Francisco's Summer

09-08-2014 | SF Weekly


08-22-2014 | Thrillist

Scenes from the 2014 edition of Cochon Heritage Fire

08-05-2014 | Inside Scoop SF

8 Best Things We Ate At Eat Drink SF

08-05-2014 | Zagat

Six New Restaurants with Outdoor Seating

07-29-2014 | 7x7

Secret Recipe: Dirty Habit's Vanilla Cremeux

07-18-2014 | 7x7

10 Hottest New Restaurants in San Francisco

07-15-2014 | Zagat

These 18 Restaurants Have Lovely Custom Plates—and Glasses and Fondue Pots and Tortilla Warmers

07-09-2014 | Bon Appétit

Dirty Habit’s bar-centric menu shows how dining has evolved

07-07-2014 | Inside Scoop SF

25 New Restaurants to Try in the Bay Area

07-03-2014 | Zagat

The 12 Best Things We Ate This Year (So Far) in the Bay Area

07-01-2014 | Zagat

Updating the Patio Heatmap: 11 Spots For Outdoor Fun

07-01-2014 | Eater SF


06-25-2014 | Thrillist

The Big Drink 2014: 50 Cocktails to Try Before You Die

06-19-2014 | 7x7

Watch the World Cup with Brazilian beverages

06-19-2014 | USA Travel

10 Hottest New SF Restaurants

06-02-2014 | Zagat

New Coffee Cocktails You'll Want with Breakfast

05-21-2014 | Zagat

Bartender Picks: The Best Craft Distillers

05-20-2014 | Serious Eats


05-15-2014 | Thrillist

Dirty Habit Opens in San Francisco

05-15-2014 | Departures

Don’t Forget to Pack a Lunchbox Full of Booze

05-13-2014 | Food & Wine

David Bazirgan Likes a Beer and a Shot

05-12-2014 | Tasting Table

25 New Restaurants to Try in the Bay Area

05-02-2014 | Zagat

Five Tequila Cocktails (That Aren't Margaritas) to Try on Cinco De Mayo

05-02-2014 | 7x7

Dirty Minds: A Bourbon-Fueled Spot with a Killer Patio

04-29-2014 | UrbanDaddy

Dirty Habit's Brand New Menu, in Pictures

04-30-2014 | Zagat

Dawson Design Associates Designs Dirty Habit Restaurant and Bar

03-19-2014 | HD Mag

SF’s 12 Most Anticipated Spring/Early Summer Restaurants

04-17-2014 | Eater SF

Fifth Floor’s New Name Unveiled: Dirty Habit

03-18-2014 | Tablehopper

Make A Reservation